Casino Superstitions in Canada

There’s a lot to online gambling. You have different strategies and factors, budget settings, checking the odds, reading the rules. All those can help you find a way to win online slots. But there’s also the simple chance and sheer luck factor. And all the players acknowledge that.

And, where’s luck – there’s superstitions. You can deny it, but if you believe in luck, you also believe in superstitions. Everybody knocks on wood sometimes, or believe in a certain sign or symbol, a lucky number perhaps. It’s universal.

In China there’s a belief, that red color brings luck. The belief is so strong that even the games with Chinese theme usually have a dominant red color. Some believe in wearing something red to the table – preferably red underwear. In India they don’t believe in shaving on Tuesdays, washing on Thursdays and trimming your nails on Saturdays. And in Macau they don’t start with a four, because the number sounds like the Cantonese word for “die”.

Scary, huh? Wait till you hear the following. In South Africa they belive smoking a vulture’s brains will give you the power to see the future. And in Thailand they wear a necklace “Palad Khik”, because they believe it brings good luck to players when you play at many luxurious casino. Want to know what “Palad Khik” means? Well it translates as an “honorable surrogate penis”. How about that?

How about good Ol’ Europe? Well, in Serbia they believe in spilling water behind someone. In Greece and Denmark they smash dishes on the floor. In Bulgaria it’s a bad luck if your right palm is itching. Also you should never cross your legs or fingers, because you “cross” out the luck. And almost all western people believe in a beautiful lady accompanies you to the table and blowing on the dice. That a nice one, huh?

In general, there are superstitions treated the same all around the world. 7 is considered a lucky number (There’s a jackpot for successive 7 symbols on a payline), and 13 is considered very unlucky (there’s actually a phobia connected to number 13 – Triskaidekaphobia). And almost everybody believes you should never count your money at the table.

And there’s, of course, the lucky symbols. You have your Irish four-leaf clover, you have the horseshoes, the lucky dices, the ladybugs, the rabbit foot, the dreamcatchers and many more. In Germany the lucky animal is the pig, in Korea they believe in swallows, and in Egypt there’s always the scarab beetles.

And how about the Canucks? Well, we compiled a list of superstitions just for you. But we advise you – should you choose one, do that carefully and treat with caution.

  • You should not enter the establishment through the back door
  • You should not spin in your chair at the betting table
  • Never wash your hands before or while you play (notice some similarities here?)
  • Never touch another gambler’s shoulder. Well, these days you should never touch anybody anyway
  • Don’t leave your seat when on a good streak

In conclusion – there’s hundreds of beliefs and superstitions, and some of them may even sound reasonable to you. And there’s no denial – people who believe in something may be less nervous at the table, and be more in control over the whole situation. Which is important when you’re playing and money is involved. But before you’ll stop showering and shaving, wear the same red underwear and a penis necklace, stuff your pockets with horseshoes and rabbit foots – please remember: it is just a superstition.