How To Choose The Right Slot Machine To Play


Slot machines are one of the most enduring and popular games in casinos and betting shops, but before playing one, it’s important to understand how the classic slot machine works. Slot machines pay out when identical icons are lined up in multiple slots, and what’s important is they work completely at random, making them difficult to ‘game’ for a reliable return. However, your chances can still be improved by choosing the right machine and playing the slots with a good strategy under your belt.

3-reel Vs 5-reel Slots

The biggest difference between most slot machines is whether or not they are 3-reel slot machines or 5-reel slot machines. Neither the 3-reel machine or the 5-reel machine is necessarily better than the other when it comes to your chances of winning; however, 3-reel machines are notably much simpler to operate than 5-reel machines, which makes them a better choice for new or inexperienced slot players. However, the 5-reel machines are gaining in popularity, offering more winning possibilities and more regular interac payouts or bank transfers. Most serious slot players will choose a 5-reel slot machine over a 3-reel slot machine every time.

Choose High Denomination Slots

Typically, slot machines which accept higher denominations of coins will pay out more, on average, than slot machines which only accept lower coin denominations – so, provided you have the bankroll to back it up, you should definitely go for the machine which accepts higher denominations. Of course, this will mean risking more money on each play, but if you’re playing for cash – and not just for fun – then the best odds should be your priority.

Online Strategies

Online slot machines do not always work in exactly the same way as offline slot machines, which means that the strategies you should employ in choosing your slot machine online are somewhat different. Just like offline slot machines, online machines are entirely random, using a Random Number Generator (RNG) to decide whether you win or lose. However, it’s generally true that online slot machines offer better odds of winning when there are smaller jackpots at stake. If you’re in it to win but you’re not feeling overly ambitious, choosing an online slot machine with a smaller jackpot isn’t a bad idea.

Additionally, when playing online, don’t play slot machines that include video reels – unless you’re happy to pay up to 5% of your payout in exchange. When videos are playing, casinos aren’t making money, which means that you’re effectively going to be charged for viewing flashy videos with lower odds or poorer payouts.

Slot machines are an acquired taste among serious gamblers; they don’t offer the best odds, but they still have a wide appeal because they’re fun, nostalgic, and massively addictive. You might not make a profession out of slot machines, but you can certainly enjoy decent chances of winning when you know how to pick a good machine.