Debit Card


Considering the deposit payment variants, debit card is also a valid option. When it comes to playing online, many casinos accepting deposits from Visa and Mastercard, which are the most popular in both formats, credit and debit, e-Wallets and rejections occurring less and less these days. So, as we said, it’s a valid method, you can can read more those methods down below.

Types of possible payment methods


Visa Electron – The level of convenience Visa Electron offers to customers is appreciated by those among you who love to gamble. An additive pro of this payment option is that you can keep your banking details and fund your online account at the same time. Still, for your Visa Electron to work, you will need to link it to a bank account in your name. Visa Electron is a safe and convenient way to deposit your money. You will only have to enter your card details once, instead of typing it up every time you feel the urge to bolster your war chest and play a slot online.


Maestro – Maestro is a flagship brand that allows you to deposit quickly and securely into your account without any extra hassle. As a debit card, you will have to make sure that it is linked to an existing bank account in your name, as casinos don’t allow third-parties to game on your behalf. And with a good reason, too. Still, this option may not be so popular in Canada. In addition, you will have to ensure that you have enough money in your balance to transfer to your gaming account. Easily a recognizable name in Canada, Maestro strikes home with many gambling enthusiasts.