Online Gambling in Canada


Like most countries of the Western world, gambling has a rich and wild history in Canada. ‘Native’ gambling games, cards and dices, periods of prohibition, gambling and racing boom, the emergence of land-based and then online casinos – the country has seen it all. So let’s talk some more about history of gambling in Canada.

History of Online Gambling

But games of chance were popular even before the European settlers came to Canada. Cabot discovered soon enough, that the indigenous peoples of the land were playing a game called Slahal (or Lahal), also known as stickgame or bonegame, because you use the shin bones from the foreleg of a deer, when you play roulette.

In a course of time, the European introduced to the native population the various cards and dice games, which became very popular. One of the examples was Faro, which became the top game in the country during the Klondike Gold Rush in 1896. A lot of people from all over the world rushed to Yukon that year, and almost all of them played Faro, or some variation of it.

Still, the Canadian gambling world had its ups and downs. In 1892 all forms of gambling were banned. But the prohibition didn’t last long. Eight years later bingo and raffles were permitted for the purpose of charity, in 1910 horse racing were allowed, and fifteen years later fairs and exhibition got the right to hold gambling events. And in 1974 a lottery was held to help fund the upcoming Olympic Games in Montreal.

Let’s talk a bit about casinos? Well, in 1989 the first Canadian land-based casino opened in Winnipeg, and of course had a huge success. Seven years later online gambling begins in Canada, and the same year (1996) the first online gambling regulator emerges – Mohawk Territory Kahnawake Gaming Commission! It was also the first online regulator in the world, and until this days all casinos in Canada must own licenses from Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Since then online gaming and gambling get more and more popular every year. We have tens of land-based and online casino review and the market continue to grow. And if you ask us, this is good for the Canadian player – they are offered all the innovations, the exclusive games and tournaments, and they get to choose, where they want to play and have fun. Which, in the end, is the most important thing.