How Will Gambling Look In The Future?


With rapid advances in technology happening all the time, what does the future of gambling look like? We decided to take a look in this article.

Types Of Games

Games of chance are quickly losing their appeal, especially when it comes to today’s millennial gambler. Why pull a lever on a slot machine and rely on luck when you can bet real money on a game of skill? Enter mobile social gambling. Mobile social gambling is a fast, simple and transportable gambling experience where you can bet money against friends in skill-based games such as Words with Friends and even Candy Crush. This form of gambling removes the restrictions of being inside a physical casino and adds a greater social element to gambling as it is an experience shared between friends. Mobile gambling is on the rise: this year it is expected to account for 40% of the total online gambling market.

Type Of Technology

Rapid developments in technology have created as many problems as solutions for the gambling community. Developments in artificial intelligence are the most predominant threat to the industry, as shown in a study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University, where a new AI bot beat professional poker players at over 120,000 hands of Texas Hold’em poker. Computers beating players isn’t a new occurrence in the gambling industry, but poker requires a much more human decision-making progress than other games, creating concern among poker and blackjack players who raised fears of unknowingly playing against unbeatable bots online. On the other hand, online gambling companies are concerned that gamblers are using AI bots to rapidly process data and crunch statistics in order to make informed sports predictions, placing them at an advantage. A form of gambling that is raising popularity that removes this fear of online bots is live dealer gaming. Here, the gambler can watch and interact with the dealer in games such as poker and roulette, adding a social element to the game while easing fears about automation.

Gambling On Stuff Other Than Money

How is it possible to gamble with something other than money, in a place that is not a casino? Through virtual reality. Millennials are no longer going to casinos; instead, they are seeking immersive experiences, meaning they are prepared to pay a premium for a social, transportable experience from the comfort of their own home. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming a more legitimate e-commerce currencies, meaning that it’s now easier than ever to use and spend virtual goods. And where better to spend virtual currency than a virtual casino? Who knows, maybe some online canadian casinos might even accept other goods than money someday, such as time – in the form of doing tasks – swaps, or even energy from our private home solar panels system.