Industry Secrets The Casinos Wish You Didn’t Know


Casinos are money making machines with the express purpose of taking your cash for their own. To keep it that way there are several casino trade secrets that they wish you didn’t know. Here we explore the top 5 things that the casinos won’t ever share with you.

Some Games Can Be Beaten

There are many games in the casino that are pure luck and cannot possibly be played with skill, but others can be beaten. While you’ll never be able to beat a roulette wheel, there are steps you can take to improve the odds. Playing on red, black, odds or evens improves your odds to 50:50 instead of 37:1, which are the odds of choosing the correct number. Your payout will be less but your chances are much better so playing smart can win you more. Other games like blackjack can also see your odds improve with development of skill in the game. The casinos don’t want to know it but smart play will increase your chance of winning and many winning tips for roulette.

Casinos Never Want You To Leave

Everything in a casino including all of the cool bars, free snooker tables and dancing girls are all designed to stop you from leaving. As the odds are in their favour the casinos want you to stay longer and lose more cash so they have tailored everything to keep you there. This is great if you know what you are doing and make the most of this free entertainment, but it is important not to get sucked in. You’ll notice that there are no clocks in the casino so that you lose track of time and you’ll find that they regularly have phone jammers to prevent your partner from calling you home in the dead of night.

They Are Always Watching You

Casinos are constantly watching you and you are always under surveillance when you are on the site. The goal behind these cameras on the surface is security, but in reality it is to prey on tourists and to look for cheaters. The cameras are dually used to identify tourists so they can send in the smooth talkers and waitresses to take your money, and to catch cheats. If they think something is unfair they will look closely at it so don’t even think of cheating in the casino and choosing the right slot machine.

They Watch The Winners Closest

If you win big or hit a streak then they will be watching you closely and will do all they can to stop you from leaving. When someone is winning a lot of cash they will always run checks on them and verify their game to look for suspicious activity. If you are clean then they will do what they can to ‘upgrade’ you to the expensive tables or encourage you to gamble more so that they can get their cash back.

The Poker Tables And Unchecked

One surprising fact for casino goers is that the poker tables are relatively unchecked. At the poker table the house takes a cut of every big pot and this is their only way of making or losing money so these tables are generally left alone. While there is a house dealer the poker players play against each other and not against the house so the casino just isn’t interested.