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How to Choose a Bingo Room

Online bingo is becoming an increasingly popular pastime; consequently, there are many bingo rooms out there so it might be tough to sift through all of the options to find the ones that is best for you. This article will give you some tips on how to choose a bingo room from the numerous options available.


Firstly, we recommend that you take some time to read reviews about each bingo room written by people who have actually used them. If you’re thinking of playing bingo online, you probably already have a bingo sites in mind that you were thinking of trying – start with these. Start by Googling the name of the bingo site, plus the word “review”, and should come across a few options.

Remember: reviews do not have to be limited to online; you could also speak in person with friends and family who are already using certain bingo sites to get an idea of their experiences. If you do this, remember to delve past their surface level answers to your questions. If they say, “Yeah, it’s great, I have a lot of fun”, and leave it at that, you will still be no wiser as to whether or not the bingo room is right for you, personally.

What some people enjoy, others do not. Ask them what they like about it. It might be, for example, that they enjoy the side games or associated casino elements of the bingo site, and don’t actually have much to tell you about the bingo rooms themselves. Make sure that you get quality feedback from whatever source you decide to use.

What do Bingo Rooms Offer?

Reviews will help you create a short list of bingo rooms that you are particularly interested in. Now it’s time to compare them against each other to make your decision. Remember that this decision doesn’t have to be final; if you don’t like the online bingo experience once you have signed up, you can always leave and go to the second option on your list instead. Also, you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to one bingo room. As long as you’re careful to set yourself a budget and stick to it religiously, you can sign up to as many bingo sites as you think you can handle.

When comparing the different options, there are a few key elements that you should take into account:

  • What kind of promotions, specials and giveaways does the site offer?
  • Do they have a good reputation?
  • Have they been around for long?
  • Do they offer reliable support (especially for first time users)?
  • Are the payouts worth the investment, and are payouts reliable?
  • Are the chat moderators unbiased and reliable?
  • Does the website have a gaming license?
  • Is the bingo site properly regulated and controlled?

We’ll discuss each of these in more detail below.

What kind of Promotions, Specials and Giveaways does the Site Offer?

Every bingo site in the UK has a promotions tab and a sign up bonus. You might even find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of offers out there. Although these specials are important to take into consideration, it is also important that you look at the long-term payouts that the site offers. If the promotions are the main attraction, you may need to look elsewhere.

Most bingo sites will have a promotions tab. Compare the promotions on offer from your top sites and see which of them has the best deals. Do the same with the first deposit bonuses (which will be practically the first item of information you’ll see when visiting any bingo site). This might help you narrow your options down further to the two or three best sites.

Do they have a Good Reputation?

Reputation is important. If a bingo site has a poor reputation, you may find that there are a limited number of bingo rooms online, and very few people to play against. In addition, a poor reputation could mean something darker; the bingo site might be guilty of scamming unwary players out of their money. Ask around, and do a few News Google searches to see what comes up.

Although some of the newer sites come with new and innovative games, sites that have been around longer tend to have better reputations. This is not to say that you should remove any new sites form your list, but rather that you should research them carefully.

Do they Offer Reliable Support (Especially for First Time Users), and are the Chat Moderators Unbiased and Reliable?

Most bingo sites will have a “Help” or “Chat” tab (or both); these are excellent resources to turn to when you run into difficulties on the site. However, not all support and chat rooms are as friendly as and helpful as they claim. This is the kind of thing you need to look out for when you read through reviews of each of the sites in question. Remember: reviews from the personal perspective of someone who has actually played on the site are the most reliable.

Are the Payouts Worth the Investment, and are Payouts Reliable?

Reviews will also help you to get a feel for the payouts you can expect from the website. If these are low or unreliable, then it might not be worth investing that first time deposit to begin with; you don’t want to have to wait weeks to get your winnings.

Does the Website have a Gaming License, and is it Regulated?

It is extremely important that you check that the bingo site is licensed and regulated. This information should be included at the bottom of the webpage; if it’s not easy to spot, it’s probably not there, and you should avoid the site.

As long as you are careful to follow these suggestions when choosing a bingo site, you should be fine. Just remember that your decision can be changed if you want to move to a different site, and that you might want to give the online experience a chance before you give up on it altogether; playing online is very different from playing in a brick and mortar bingo hall, but once you’re used to it, it’s fun, convenient and easy!