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How To Win Onlie Slots

Mastering slots: a practical guide to the most popular game in casinos

Visit any casino, either online or in a bricks-and-mortar building, and you will find slots games squeezed right in among the roulette wheels, blackjack tables, and other gambling staples. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to boost your bankroll, these are a natural choice for millions of savvy players around the world, with spinning reels one of the best ways to win big.

But only if you know how best to use them. With hundreds of variations to pick from and lots of bonus game jargon to decipher, it can be really difficult for the uninitiated to make the most of them, which is we’ve written this short guide to help you.

If you want to improve your slots play, here’s how to do it in three simple steps…

1. Bet the maximum

Waging a lot of money is undeniably high risk. That’s why we advise picking the highest possible number of paylines available, and placing the maximum coin bet you are comfortable with – only, of course, if you have the bankroll to back this up. Doing this will give you a greater number of chances to win, and will often have the effect of triggering lucrative bonus rounds too. We suggest avoiding the simplicity of classic 9-payline slots in favour of 20 to 30 payline games that will ramp up the likelihood of you making some money.

2. Assess the RTP

We have another trick that we recommend you try. You’ll find that some casinos supply RTP (return to player – how much is being paid back to players) percentages for each paytable, and it’s well worth looking these over. Ideally, you want to settle for something with a 95% statistic as a minimum. Once you start to do your research, you’ll realise that many don’t even reach 91%. Unless you particularly enjoy playing such a slot theme, swap it for something else and stick to higher payout options.

3. Mix things up

Last but not least, we suggest trying your hand at a few different games. Choose a portfolio of three to five options: a progressive jackpot, one with attractive free spins bonuses, another that’s low variance, and so on. Alternate your play between these games, and you should quickly be able to get an idea of which ones deliver the greatest payouts.

Set yourself on a winning streak today by following these three simple steps.

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