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Starburst Slot Review

Starburst slot considered by most people in the gaming community as one of the most popular games of all time, and also as one of the most innovative and stunning games ever. If there is one game everybody loves, Starburst must be it. Somebody once said, “There are good slots, there are great slots, and then there is Starburst”. We think it pretty much sums it up.

You have everything here, plain and simple. The beautiful visual, the cosmic theme, the vibrant colors, the dazzling jewels, the music and the video effects, the fast pace – you only need a few spins to get addicted.

Starburst Bonus Features

Five Jewels – blue, purple, yellow, orange, and green, standard ‘seven’ and ‘bar’ symbols, and the Starburst symbol as a Wild – that’s all you have. It is a 5-reels slot, with a total of 10 paylines, but actually it’s 20 paylines, because of the amazing Win Both Ways feature.

The feature means, that you win not only when the combination appears left-to-right, but also right-to-left! This one makes Starburst somewhat unique, because on most slots, after the first two reels have landed, you know whether you have won or lost. So if the first two reels land and you don’t win, the spin is made redundant. On Starburst, because you can win from right to left too, that never happens, so you are engaged in the spin right until the last two reels finish spinning.

The feature also turns Starburst into a slot with very generous payouts, which tend to occur more often than average. But no slot can be without their weaknesses. In Starbust if you have one – it’s in the lack of bonus features.

Aside from Win Both Ways feature, which cannot be considered as a bonus feature, because it’s such an integral part of the game, you only have Starbust Wilds bonus round. The feature is activated, when a Wild symbol appear on the middle three reels. When this happens, it expand to cover the entire reel, and the non-middle reels will re-spin. If an additional Wild appears during the re-spin, you will be awarded with another re-spin, and so it goes, until 5 re-spins, which is the maximum for this feature.

All this means, of course, that you can accumulate some significant winning, if you have a decent bonus round. But that’s it – this game don’t have a ‘free spins’ bonus or a multiplier feature, typical to most other slots. It’s as simple as that. You do have some ‘technical’ features, such as Autoplay, which means you can set the reels spin without having to click your mouse or press any buttons, or the Skill Stop feature, which allows you to manually stop the reels with a single click of your mouse, but those features are not having any effect to the volatility of the game.

Should I Play Starburst Slot in NJ?

What’s hot – Win Both Ways feature.

Because of this unique feature, you have more payouts, decent sized and small ones. The feature also makes the game more interesting and appealing to players, novice and expert alike.

What’s hot – the design

Like we said before, the simplicity of this slot is everything. The graphic is superb, the sounds capture the excitement of the game, the pace is addictive, and the symbols are dazzling and perfect.

What’s not – the lack of bonus features.

No free spins round or other bonus games most players are used to in other slots, can maybe make Starburst less appealing to fans, who enjoy games with lots of added features.

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