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Live Casino UK

Anyone who misses the exciting atmosphere of a real casino would be well advised to try a live casino. These are online casinos where real dealers and croupiers run the games via a live video feed. This provides a lot of the fun of visiting an actual casino without requiring you to leave the house.

Live online casinos tend to be run by the larger, more reputable companies due to their expense. Nevertheless, it’s still worth making absolutely sure that a particular site is safe and secure before entrusting it with your financial details. Reading reviews of live casino providers is also a good way of quickly finding out whether they offer precisely the game that you want to play.

Live Dealer and Games

The games that are generally offered by providers are limited to the most popular among gamblers. Typically, these will include Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Three Card Poker. There is also at least one live casino service that offers the popular Asian dice game, Sic Bo.

With normal online casino games, a random number generator is used to deal cards, spin the roulette wheel or roll the dice. In a live casino, a human dealer does these things manually. Optical character recognition software is then typically used to generate the relevant values from the face of the cards in live blackjack, the dice in live Sic Bo or the number that comes up on the live roulette wheel. These values are used by the online casino software to decide which bets are winners in each game.

A game of live Texas Hold ‘Em requires a live dealer, a pit boss to adjudicate disputes between players and the dealer, at least one camera operator and IT support to deal with technical glitches quickly. An online game, by comparison, is simply a piece of software that by itself is far less likely to go wrong than all the components of a live casino setup.

Read Reviews

By reading reviews of live casinos you can quickly find out which ones are successfully offering a slick, pleasurable gambling experience. This avoids the need to spend time trying out sites that are providing an unreliable service that detracts from the fun of interacting with a human dealer and your fellow players.

While in some cases the croupiers will be straightforwardly dealing cards, for many online casinos the live dealers are hired in part on the basis of their ability to entertain players. The atmosphere they help to create is a key criterion for judging whether or not a live casino is for you. Again, reading some reviews before you pick a site should help you to find a live casino that you enjoy more quickly.

Most of the big names in gambling now offer some kind of live casino service. With the increased competition for customers there are plenty of promotions available as enticements to draw in new players. These are a further basis for making a decision between live casino providers.


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