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Hello and welcome to Play Online Casino Today! In recent years we’re experiencing the real booming popularity of online casinos in Canada. There are so many options, that the new player is not sure where to begin.

How to pick a casino? What bonus to choose? What are the bonus conditions? What promotions should I look up to? How do I deposit and withdraw my winnings? What deposit method is the best? How do I register and create an account? What slot should I play? Those are only a few immediate questions the player is dealing with, and there are many more.

In order to help the players with their questions, we’ve created a useful guide, where you can find all the information you need, and see for yourself, that it’s not that complicated. It fact, for the most part choosing a casino is easy, the process is simple, and the playing is really enjoyable.

So again, welcome to our site. We hope you’ll find everything you’re looking for. If not – write us, and we will be happy to help with all the questions you have.



There are many online casinos in Canada. So, which one to choose? Is one better than another? What is the difference? Where do I get information regarding each casino?

We can’t tell you what casino to choose – this decision is in your hands. But we can provide you with information. On this site, you will find casino reviews, bonuses break-down, all the up-to-date promotions, and info regarding the best games and slots.

Regarding online casinos, you have Jackpot City, one of the oldest companies on the market, Karamba Casino, which won an EGR award in 2019, Casino.com, one of the best in Canada, Casumo with a wonderful game selection, and Dunder the rising star. If you want to know more, please visit our casino’s page and find the extended review.



Well, there are as many bonuses, as casinos. So, again, how do I choose? How do we know, which bonus is the best, or the right one for us?

Well, there are a few things to take into consideration, and we will do our best to explain them to you. It’s important to understand that every player’s casino experience is unique, so one bonus or offer can be more suitable, than the other.

The most important bonus is the welcome bonus. You only get it once, and it’s usually the biggest one since casinos want to attract the player. So you should pay attention to this one. Still remember, that the biggest bonus is not always the best one. Read the Terms and Conditions, and check if this is really the bonus that suits your needs.



So, we choose the casino and chose the bonus. What’s next? Well, now you need to register. Usually, the process is an easy one, but still, you need to pay attention to it, fill in all the required information, and prepare the documents in order to avoid any possible errors.




After you’ve registered and opened an account, it’s time to put some money in it. We have a section devoted to all the payment methods available in Canada, so you’re welcome to visit and read it thoroughly. You also should read about the casino and check, how easy the deposit process is, and what is the minimum deposit. And when you check this, also see about the withdrawal process. Because it is important to get your winnings back!




You chose the casino, registered, deposited some money, and got the bonus. Now for the fun part – the playing. All that is left for you is to pick up the game. You have the slots, the table games, poker, and bingo – again, the variations are almost endless. You can read about the games in our extended reviews.

Meanwhile just remember – a game with the best chance to win is important, but enjoying the game is important as well. So pick a game you like and enjoy. In the end, it will increase your chances of winning.



We hope the information we gave you about the process of joining an online casino was useful. For us, at Play Online Casino Today the player and his experience is the focus. People love and enjoy playing and winning, and they deserve the best. So we are trying to help them make the best choice and will continue to do so by providing the most updated and useful information. Thank you for visiting our site! If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we will be glad to help.