Credit Card


When it comes to payment methods, there’s no much explanation needed when it comes to credit cards. Everybody know about them, own them and know how to use them. All casinos accepts credit cards, and it is still one of the most popular methods of depositing and withdrawing winnings at an online casino.

Types of Credit Cards

VISA – VISA is easily one of the most popular options in the world of gambling as a whole. Canadians use their VISAs on daily basis, which makes this payment method particularly easy to carry out. Because it’s omnipresent, VISA makes an easy pick when you are trying to decide what payment option to choose. VISAs have a high clearance rate, which means that you are unlikely to run into a legal hurdle or to get your payment wallets bounced by an operator, which only adds to the versatility and usability of this particular depositing option. Linking your VISA to your gaming account hardly takes long, too!


Mastercard – Mastercard is shaping up as an alternative to VISA, although it has been slightly late to the party. Still, you can deposit freely with Mastercard and enjoy the same top speeds as with other methods. Mastercard is also subject to stricter regulatory control, which means that you may feel safe and secure with it while shopping around for a great operator that caters to Canadians.